Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Program

Reverse Mortgage Loans were created by the U.S. Government as a safe and highly regulated insured plan to assist seniors over the age of 62 in maintaining their independence and financial security. Because reverse mortgage loans are highly regulated and insured by the U.S. Government, reverse mortgages are a safe option as a source of income. A reverse mortgage can also guarantee you will not be leaving a debt for your heirs to contend with.

Today, as a society, we are all living longer and our greatest worry is that we will outlive our means to care for ourselves. A Reverse mortgage offers an ideal way to avoid sacrificing the quality of your life while maintaining the desired independence of living in your home.

Seniors who own their own home are now able to use their home as a Long Term Financial Vehicle. This type of loan was created to assist seniors with the tax free income needed to provide a better life style for them, without the worry of having to repay the loan.

Whether you are looking for additional income to pay off bills, or to help you enjoy your retirement, a reverse mortgage might be the answer for you. The income received through your reverse mortgage can assist you with long-term health care insurance, medical expenses, home repairs or improvements, property taxes, supplementing retirement income, in-home care, or investing in CD’s and annuities.

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